$300 Under Armour's first 3D print sneakers released UA resilient chassis technology to create a super lightweight elastic texture, without sacrificing the excellent support force, can be the perfect fusion of flexibility and sufficient support force protection, superior to other sports shoes on the market. Dimensional air cushion is a revolutionary lightweight UA lower midsole innovative design, standing upright foam soles allow players to play better, compared to conventional air more lightweight material, so that even more rapid pace, lower than the traditional air cushion designed to allow athletes foot closer to the ground, and more under armour underwear resilient than traditional air cushion of excellence, higher rebound, four-dimensional air cushion has more toughness, more comprehensive protection of the soles of the feet. Basketball Insiders confirmed the reporter Yannis Koutroupis shoe manufacturers UA (Armour, Under Armour) has given Kevin Durant out of a 10-year more than 320 million US dollars contract offer, which also includes some of the company's equity. Nike believes that they have lost Durant. Koutroupis said, because like the relationship between Nike and Durant was originally willing to accept them out of the lower offer, but Dema offer is too generous, and almost two NBA maximum salary contract.

under armour hat According Hoopshype statistics, UA's currently a total of 13 NBA players, the largest brand of players for Stephen Curry (2014-2015 season NBA regular season MVP), the rest of the players as well as Brandon Jennings, Gray Davis ยท Vasquez, Kemba Walker, Raymond Felton, Kent Bates Moore et al. 28-year-old Kevin Durant in the NBA last season, played a total of 81 games, averaging 38.5 minutes playing 32 points 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists while shooting 50.3 percent. US sporting goods manufacturer Under Armour (UA) letting Nike, Adidas and other companies uneasy. As US President Barack Obama to do physical training at UA wearing specially customized "President edition" sneakers - this moment captured by the media and widely disseminated. 2012, UA will be out 3-5 stores in Shanghai and Beijing. And the first store site selection criteria similar to the initial UA stores in major cities will be selected from the commercial landmark building, with more direct contact with consumers.

April 2011 was in the Grand Gateway Plaza, opened the first store in China. But the good news is, UA's e-commerce business in China has been opened. 2012, UA in Shanghai and Beijing to open a 3-5 stores. And the first store site selection criteria similar to the initial UA stores in major cities will be selected from the commercial landmark building, with more direct contact with consumers. After Shanghai and Beijing has become an important brand, UA program first northern cities such as Harbin, and then covering the major second-tier cities in China. Based on the successful path in the United States, sponsored athletes and fitness coach will be one of UA in China's major means of promotion. "We have contacted many local Chinese athletes, they would be in China's best UA indorsed." Majin Yao said. While most sports shoes manufacturers responded with optimism to their potential, but considering the large-scale production has not been implemented, 3D printing technology and market is still only attempt. Following the Nike (Nike), adidas (Adidas) and New Balance, Dema (Under Armour) also began to try to 3D printing technology used in the design and manufacture of footwear under armour pants.

March 18, sports brands from the United States Dema (Under Armour) is about 96 under armour mock pairs of limited edition prints using 3D technology professional training shoes "UA Architech". The bottom of the shoe print from the 3D, but also by the vamp 3D modeling design. Dema said that this pair of training shoes after about two years of research and development, midsole through 3D printing technology production, the design company called "dynamic stability platform," through staggered lattice structure provides both " energy return "full advantage of the foam, and also improve the stability.

UA Architech price of $ 299.99 per pair, meaning the limited 96 pairs The company was founded in 1996.Higher prices and minimal amount, so that the UA this pair of running shoes is more like an experiment for science and technology and the market.Although 3D printing can support large-scale production remains to be seen, but the sneaker maker reported most of its potential to be optimistic. Previously, Adidas and New Balance has launched 3D printing midsole, the future will be used in running shoes. Nike soccer shoes are also used spikes and cleats 3D printing.Therefore, Dema is obviously also do not want to lag behind their peers, want to try using this technology to optimize the design of sports shoes and production.Typically, a pair of shoes from concept to shelf, it may take more than a year. The use of 3D printing technology, this process can be shortened to a few weeks, greatly reducing the supply chain, it can help save a lot of cost brands. In addition,baby under armour sale 3D printing technology has facilitated customized products.Currently, sports shoes has become a strong growth category Dema. 2015 footwear grew 57 percent to $ 680 million (about 4.41 billion yuan), the overall growth of more than 22% of the equipment class. According to the fourth quarter 2015 earnings, footwear accounted for 14.8% of revenue in the Under Armour.Innovative footwear technology just turned 20 years old this year Dema win a lot of market share, but at the moment, the greatest contribution to Dema footwear category or ua basketball shoes, especially the United States NBA MVP Stephen Curry (Stephen Curry) of the same paragraph.